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Standing in a Field

Standing in a Field

This was just practice, obviously my people-painting skills are rusty and need practice. Fun fact: I ruined ¾ faces in this painting and was about to throw it away before getting the fourth one right. See if you can guess which one! 

Illustrations for A Grackle on a Porch Guardrail
These are a series of paintings I did for a poetry zine. The final size of the Zine was only 2-3 inches, so these paintings are all pretty small as well. The real trouble was time - I only had half a week to do these paintings, on days I was already working.

Incidentally, while the poem refers to the Grackle as a "she," the poet wanted me to use a male Grackle for the illustrations, I can't blame him, male Grackles are much prettier than the females. All those iridescent feathers. 

Acrylic on paper. 
The Role-Play Gems
I've been developing a Steven Universe-themed tabletop RP system lately. Last week, I ran a playtest of the system - it works great! Still need to finalize the draft for public release, though. 

Here we have everyone's characters: Graphite (DMPC), Andalusite (The big yellow viking), a Lapis with a gem injury, and three Rubies - Fighty, Smarty, and Flighty. All the Rubies were played by people with little to no knowledge of the series. It took me a while to get the new Gem types to look like they could be in the show...I'm not quite there but I think this is as much as I can get today.

Background is from show materials. 
Chiastolite (Steven Universe Gem OC)
Hey there, I'm still alive and still chugging away at my comic. In the meantime, I took a quick break to see what results I could get by drawing on a tablet. This is the result. I found it diffucult to draw on the tablet because the tablet (an old hand-me-down) runs pretty slowly, making feedback slow and quick brushstrokes impossible. I wonder if there's a way to make my tablet act as a pseudo-wacom tablet for my pc?

Chiastolite is a fusion between Graphite and Andalusite, characters in an upcoming Steven Universe RP I will be running (Homebrew system). I wanted to draw something colorful (for once) and that series lends itself to gorgeous colors.


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J. W. A. Beasley
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